I love the Lumber Yard Steakhouse located in Zenda, KS. It is a lot of fun to take a small road trip from Wichita to Zenda to take in some ribs and steak at the Lumber Yard. Small - very small, small town service with a friendly country smile. Take another couple with you and drive through the windmill farm after a nice dinner. Check it out and have a nice time in the heartland of America.

- Jay Harter, Dec 2016
taken from Google Reviews

KSN Came To Visit

KSN, Stephanie Bergmann and Scott Dietz (cameraman) visited the restaurant and Zenda Museum on May 30th.  They filmed a story for 'Main Street USA' which will be shown on June 7th, Thursday at 6pm. After the feature is shown, we will be able to link the story to our website.